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Lighting Your Home: Room by Room

Choosing the perfect lighting for your home is not a piece of cake at all. It’s not as easy as going to the shop and choosing the lights you like to fix into your place. It is much more than that. Especially when you want to get that right, you must put a lot of effort and thoughts into the lighting of your place. This post is written to lead you to the right direction when the lighting of your place concerned. To make things simpler for you, this post is also going to give you a room by room lighting tips and tricks.

Public and Connecting Area

This zone or area usually includes the public places of a home which are used by the member while passing through room to room or some places where the members are supposed to spend the last of their time. Speaking of which there comes the staircases, halls, porticoes, foyers and so on. Make sure the foyer gets special attention while lighting your home because it is the place which does the job of offering the first impression to the guests. This is the reason why the lighting of the foyer should be adequate and gorgeous. The hallways and staircases should have bright and proper lighting so that no accidents can happen due to improper or too dark lighting. Try to keep the lights or chandeliers well matched with the color of the walls to keep the uniformity alive.

Personal Spaces

Personal spaces or zones basically include the bedrooms, dressing rooms and the bathrooms. Well, when it comes down to the bedrooms, lighting your home gets even trickier. The lights in the bedroom should be mild and comforting but adequate and proper at the same time. There should be some dimming options so that you can adjust the lighting from the brightest to the darkest at your will. A couple of bedside lamps can be put there but they should be highly shaded so that if one person feels like reading late, the person next to him doesn’t get disturbed by the light. The dressing room and bathroom should be properly lit as well. There should be extra light installed above the mirrors so that when you stand in front of one, you get the perfect reflection.

Living Area

Living area is the public area of a home where the family members and/or guests tend to spend quite a lot of their time. So, the lighting of this zone should have both of the functional and decorative value. Track lighting or sunken one will do a good job when you are lighting your living space. Try to mix and match several kinds of light but make sure they look like a team. Really, there is no place for a nomad while lighting your home. And you should not let that slip your mind.

Kitchen and Dining

Adjustable fluorescent lights can be a great option for your kitchen lighting. Add as many lights you need in your kitchen otherwise, the quality of the food can be dimmed by the dimmed lights. For your dining space a classy chandelier along with some general lighting should do perfectly.


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