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Restaurant Construction & Remodeling in Los Angeles and Orange County

As general contractors for restaurant construction and remodeling in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas and throughout southern California, Armstrong Cal Builders has built a strong reputation based on cost-effectiveness, superior service and quality, professional construction work. Restaurant owners throughout southern California have turned to Armstrong Cal Builders for everything from minor makeovers to original construction of restaurant projects.

Call 800-291-7203 or email to learn how Armstrong Cal Builders can help you take your restaurant project from dream to reality quickly and cost-effectively.

New Construction? No Problem!

Armstrong Cal Builders can help you with every phase of restaurant construction and remodeling. We understand the codes that must be met, which materials are appropriate for your particular building and how to save you money and time during the construction process. We can offer you:

  • Collaboration services on your preliminary design and drawings for your restaurant construction project. If you are using an architect, we can work with him or her to plan the construction of your restaurant or addition in the simplest, safest and most cost-effective manner possible.
  • Reliable estimates for your job. We take pride in our ability to closely estimate the overall cost of a job so there are no unpleasant surprises at the end. You can relay on Armstrong Cal Builders to give you a professional and reasonable estimate for your work and to notify you immediately if the cost changes significantly.
  • Permit and code compliance. We can take care of obtaining all the proper permits and paying the right fees through all phases of construction. Having worked in most areas of Orange County, Los Angeles County and southern California, we know the rules and regulations that surround restaurant construction. Our managers are professionals who always ensure that you are in compliance with all building codes to prevent problems and future expense.

Remodeling Could Not Be Easier

Many restaurants can benefit from an update or remodel, but few restaurant owners in the greater Los Angeles are relish the thought of shutting down and spending money to renovate. Instead of putting off your renovation or repair needs, contact Armstrong Cal Builders. We have the experience to work with you so that your expansion or remodeling job can take place while the doors remain open, allowing you to continue to operate your business while you prepare for future growth. We can also help you meet aggressive timeframes in order to reopen the restaurant quickly if a complete shutdown is necessary.

In order to keep up with the competition, you must be willing to take the chance and remodel your restaurant to entice today's customers. If you have been putting off a remodel or renovation due to your worry over cost and time issues, contact Armstrong Cal Builders immediately for a free estimate.

Call 800-291-7203 to learn how Armstrong Cal Builders can help you take your restaurant project from dream to reality quickly and cost-effectively. You can also email to speak to one of our experienced restaurant consultants.

We have included several examples of restaurant construction and remodeling work we can do for you below:

Restaurant Construction & Remodeling Restaurant Remodeling Restaurant Remodeling in Los Angeles Restaurant Remodeling in Orange County
Restaurant Remodeling in LA Construction & Remodeling Restaurant Restaurant Construction LA Restaurant Construction Services
Restaurant Remodeling in Orange County Restaurant Remodeling Restaurant Construction in LA Restaurant Remodeling Services
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