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Color Trends 2013: What’s Hot and What’s Not for Your Restaurant in Santa Monica

When it comes down to restaurants look matters just as much as quality and tasty cuisine. Speaking of which, the talks of the colors and shades come up as they play a vital role in the looks and ambience of a restaurant. Here are some Hot’s and Not’s of the Santa Monica restaurant color trends 2013.

What’s Hot?

When you are concerned about modern and up-to-date colors for your restaurant walls, you have numerous options to choose from. Let’s take a glance at them so that you could choose the perfect one or the perfect combo!

Ravishing Red

Yes, you have read right. I am absolutely and unmistakably talking about red. It happens to be like this; red is a color that stimulates human nerves in a way that makes him feel very hungry. And this is the point of opening a restaurant right, to feed people some excellent dishes? Yet, if you are not really into such bold and stimulating colors you can go for a tamer version of it!

Ostentatious Orange

This can be a tamer version of red and can be a highly acceptable choice for the ones who do not like to make too bold of a color statement. This is a vibrant and stimulating color like red but much easier on the nerves than that as well which makes it a safer choice for the reluctant people.

Youthful Yellow

Yellow is a color of life, purity and youth. This color is very hot when the 2013 color trends are in consideration. This color triggers the serotonin flow in the brains of the humans and makes them feel hopeful, optimistic and happy. As a result a hearty appetite triggers off and makes the people have a happy and healthy meal. Pale or dark, pick one and get a great look and business for your restaurant for sure!

Groovy Green

Do you know what else the 2013 color trends include in its list? Well, the answer is a solid and hearty dash of a green! Green is a color of peace, tranquility and smoothness. This is why having green walls makes it easier for you to grab some regular and fresh customers all the time.

Glowing Gold

Well, this is hot these days as it gives a sense of gravity, warmth and sophistication. Yet, if you overdo it, you can get a flashy and tacky look which you would not like to have for your place.

What’s Not?

What not to do regarding shades and colors to follow the color trends 2013 perfectly? Let’s have a quick look!

You should keep safe from blue, pink, black and yellow and green combination when your restaurant is in concern. Black represents darkness, negativity and mystery which makes this color not a very good choice for boosting appetite. Blue is perfect for bedrooms but not for the restaurant. Pink is simply a not-happening color for increasing peoples’ appetite. And the green and yellow combo simply slaughters the look!


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