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The Exterior Don’ts You Should Avoid

It is often assumed and even said that the best way to do the right thing is to keep away from the wrong ones. Well, this is a hard and fast truth indeed even when it concerns the area of exterior designs, concepts, ideas and styles. So, when you are determined to do some great jobs done on the exterior design of your home, you should be very cautious about avoiding the most common and crazy mistakes along with making the right moves. Here is a list of exterior designing don’ts which will help you to have a great household exterior.

Don’t Let Your Home Sit as a Prop

The purpose of getting an exterior job done on your property is to add to the beauty and value of your place. This means the exterior styles and designs are the props for your home to be more presentable and beautiful not the vice versa. Yet, many people get some heavy jobs done in the name of exterior beauty which actually hide the house completely or make it look like a prop which can be a disastrous thing to do for their entire exterior styling projects. Do not copy and paste their mistakes, just learn from them so that you can avoid them in a trice.

Don’t Let Yourself Follow the Lead

You better take the matter in your hand and you should start leading by planning the entire exterior designing process ahead and following it without failing. Many of us tend to start an exterior design project as a part of a craze, not knowing what to expect and how to pull it off. Don’t let yourself be one of them and try to stick to a specific plan till the end of your exterior project.

Don’t Plant the Same Kind of Shrubs and Plants

Many people seem to have a misconception of having the same kind of plants and shrubs in their gardens. This is one of the most common mistakes in home exterior design they tend to make. This happens to be like this because most of the plants and shrubs do not bloom in the same season and sticking up to a single one can lead your home to have a very dull one if you ask me.

Don’t Let the Ivy in

Having Ivy climb up to the walls of a house can present a delightful view for sure but they can present a way to the termites and pests into your home as well. On top of that, Ivy can cover your windows and ventilators which can keep fresh air and natural sunlight out.

Don’t Plant Big Ones

Planting a plant that will grow into a huge tree in your yard within a few years is one of the most sever home exterior design mistakes you can ever make. If the tree grows up to its full length it will be towering your place inconveniently. Besides, if it is planted way too nearer to your home than it should have been, then it can be very helpful to the burglars to climb on to your place easily.


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