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How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Home in Santa Monica

Are you raking your brain cells to choose the perfect lighting for your home? Well, if you are then you should at least know that you are not the sole person in that line. Many homeowners in Santa Monica are going through the similar ordeal. Really the lighting relevant troubles are not light at all! Anyway, there is a number of stuff you can do to straighten this up for you. Just go through the rest of the article and find out how to keep your lighting related troubles at bay!

Don’t Undermine the Goal

Whenever lighting is concerned many of us tend to overlook the necessity of determining or identifying the goal or purpose of the lighting. This is one of the most common lighting mistakes people are known to make much more frequently than the other ones. For instance, choosing some lamps that would only create an indirect and ambience based lighting would be perfect for places or areas like a living room, dining space, bedroom and so on but choosing the same ones for study, kitchen or home-office can be disastrous as the latter zones would need task or direct kind of lighting. Make sure the company you hire for the job does keep this in mind before going for the actual job.

Consider Lighting for Security

Most of the burglars or anti socials wait till the darkness of the night to get on with their stealing business. And the only reason behind this is that they don’t want to be seen at all while committing crimes or at least mischiefs. And by installing some modern lighting for your home exterior and entrances, you can absolutely discourage the burglars from dropping by at your doorstep for sure.

Multiple Sources

Multiple sources of lights should be arranged for each room. Especially, rooms like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room etc., truly need multiple lights. Let me tell you with the help of an example okay? For instance, if you have gone to clean your face in your bathroom with seemingly adequate lighting, yet you get to have a hard time making out your reflection in the mirror properly just because you have forgotten to install the mirror lights, wouldn’t this be a very frustrating scenario for you to face? Yet, this could easily be avoided with the help of a light or a few tiny lights for your mirror. So, multiple sources are necessary.

Night Lighting and Chandeliers

Do you have kids? If you do, you will probably understand the necessity of night lighting without my telling you. Kids are usually afraid of the dark and when they go to sleep they expect to have at least some sort of lights or lamps to keep the boogeyman out. I am not telling you to encourage them to be afraid of the dark or boogeyman but forcing them to stay in the dark which is so frightening to them is not a cure to their fear as well. So, don’t let them stay under mental pressure and arrange some night lights for their bedrooms. And for public zones like living rooms or dining spaces, chandeliers are really worth placing.


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