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Home Exterior Design: What’s Happening in Santa Monica

It is true that no one should judge a book by its cover. Then again, it is also true that no one should use some cheap wrapper to cover a classy piece. And believe me, looks really matter when it comes down to the exterior look of a house. It may not be all that luxurious and posh but there is no reason for it to be plain and dull at all. Just try to give your place in Santa Monica an individual look regardless of its size or your budget. Your builder should be able to get something special for the exterior of your place without messing with your wallet! Here is what is happening in Santa Monica these days regarding home exterior styles and designs.

Stones and Bricks do the Tricks!

An ace builder does not compromise with the look of the entrance of a house as it is regarded as one of the most prominent elements of the home exteriors. This is the reason why they are becoming very partial with stones and bricks these days. These two materials do not only give a classic look to the exterior of a home but also speak for the classy taste of the owner.

Siding Should Be Chosen Carefully

Siding is a very visible and important part of any home which is the reason why the siding material should be chosen very carefully. The material should not only be durable but also be easily maintained and beautiful to look at. This is why the Santa Monica folks are craving for vinyl ones as they come up with cost-efficiency, variety in looks and flexibility to match up with both classic and contemporary designs. Yet, the people who are very serious about going green, they are picking up fiber cement ones. This comes in various looks and they are very sturdy as sidings. Besides, these sidings are resistant to fire as well.

Clever Colors Are Necessary

A house is such a place which needs to be colored very cleverly specially the exterior parts. The home exteriors are more exposed to the sun, the rains and so on. So, the outer colors should be chosen not only depending on the looks but also on the durability and maintenance. The shade should be proper for all year round not only for a single season or a couple of them. For instance, soft brown, chocolate, pale yellow or simply plain whites are very much in this season. On top of that, many homeowners prefer multiple colors for their homes these days. For instance, if they want to have soft brown for the walls they might want to dark brown or chocolate as the color of the sidings or of the doors and windows when the home exterior design is your concern. Apart from that the colors of the other houses in the neighborhood should be taken into account so that your house stands out perfectly but does not overdo that. Quite plain and simple, isn’t it?


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