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Do the Don’ts to Do it Right!


Interior designing is a vast issue to resolve. And when you are adamant to be at the upper hand in this matter, you need to weigh the things smartly. To be on top you need to outline the do’s and the don’ts of interior designing giving them similar importance. The last blog post was about the do’s of home interior design while this one reveals the don’ts. So, get on the mark, get set and go!

Don’t Hop on from One Theme to Another!

This is a common mistake most homeowners make. They tend to think that the more themes they choose for their homes the better they become. Well, sorry to burst their bubbles but they seriously lose it when they do hop on from one theme to another. Many of the interior designers agree that choosing a single main theme for your home is great and then selecting some supporting theme which will be revolving around the center piece is even greater. But jumbling up too many main themes for your home is similarly unwise as the home loses the continuity and unity then. For instance, a novel that lingers on a main plot and some sub plots should be easier to read than a novel full of independent tracks and stories. The latter could simply be considered a collection of stories not a complete novel. The same thing can happen to your home if you don’t act wisely.

Don’t Shun the Classics

Don’t shun the classic ones just because they are less flashy than the trendy ones. If you look beyond the surface, you will be able to see the appeal of the classic styles of interior designing yourself. The trouble with trends is that they are basically some hype and nothing more which is supposed to be worn out as soon as possible. Yet, the very base of the term classic is the entire package of stability and durability put together. So, whenever you get to pick one of the classics and trends, try to stick to the classic looks.

Don’t Be Talked into

Well, don’t be a Hitler yourself and to be more precise don’t be Hitlered as well. Many interior designers are smart enough to talk you into doing something they want. Do not let them brainwash you for doing something that doesn’t suit your taste or style. Stay strong in your position to avoid such troubles. Yet, don’t refuse all of their ideas presuming that they are trying to manipulate you. Listen to them and judge the ideas on your own then either accept or refuse.

Don’t Rush

One of the most fatal mistakes in home interior design is made by us by rushing through it. Interior design is not such a thing that you can change daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. So, rushing through the process can be a huge mistake indeed. It doesn’t matter how certain you feel about a theme or wallpaper, just sleep on it and take the decision later so that any mistake can be thwarted.


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